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The first TV-bridge in Russia devoted to neurological problems.


We have good news! "Today, 16.05.2009 we had historical event - the first TV-bridge in Russia devoted to the actual problems of modern neurology" - said the TV-medicine Consultant of WHO prof. Stolar, who opened the meeting.

The TV-bridge connected two of the biggest cities of Russia: Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod. The Chairman of Moscow auditory was the Chief Neurologist of Moscow prof. Fedin. Other studio joined the leader neurologists of Nizhniy Novgorod headed by Chief Neurologist of Nizhniy Nowgorod prof. Gustov.

The conference was devoted to chronic ishemia of brain. At the beginning of report prof. Fedin said about social aspects of the disease and especially emphasized fast increasing of morbidity.

That is why special attention was paid to treatment and prophylaxis of the disease.

The top interest among doctors' discussion was caused by original results of clinical researches about high efficacy of Instenon by prof. A. Fedin. From their side doctors from Nizhniy Novgorod told about their own positive experience of Instenon using.

The great interest that professionals paid to the action was the reason for the next TV-bridges.

That is why at the beginning of June it is planned the TV-bridge devoted actual problem of obstetrics: Treatment of Risk Pregnancy (using Gynipral, Instenon and Actovegin).

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